In October, when the grapes are fully mature, the best clusters are gathered from the vines used for the blend.
The crushed and destemmed grapes ferment and macerate vigorously for two weeks. Delastage and punching-down extract the precious tannins, anthocyans and precursor aromas from the skins.
The must thus obtained continues fermentation until all the sugars are depleted and malolactic fermentation is completed before the winter.
The wine is aged for two years, of which 12 months in wooden casks (used previously for the oak-aged IGT TORREVECCHIA) before bottling, as required by the DOC Reserve procedures.
The bottles rest at least six months before retail.

Grape mix: Croatina 40% - Barbera 35% - Uva Rara 15% - Merlot 10%.
Origin: San Colombano.
Cultivation technique: low double Guyot-trained.
Soil: argillaceous, medium grain.
Grape yield per hectare: 65 quintals.
Altitude of vineyard: 120 m. s.l.m.
Alcohol content: 14% Vol.
Organoleptic features: garnet red colour with violet flashes, heady fragrance with hints of plum and cherry.
The flavour is rich and full, nicely tannic, with notes of woodland fruit.
Serve at: 18-20 C°.