In October at the Valbissera and Bordoni vineyards, the grapes selected for the mix are gathered in open crates.
The crushed and destemmed grapes ferment and macerate vigorously at 30°C for two weeks. In this phase, the traditional techniques of delastage and pumping over are used to completely extract the precious substances from the skins.
After malolactic fermentation, the wine is aged in wooden casks and prior to bottling undergoes cold tartaric stabilization and microfiltration.
The bottles rest at least six months before retail.

Grape mixture: Croatina 40% - Barbera 35% - Merlot 25%.
Origin: Miradolo Terme.
Type of cultivation: low Guyot-trained.
Soil: argillaceous, medium grain.
Grape yield per hectare: 65 quintals.
Vineyard altitude: 120 m. above sea level.
Degrees of alcohol: 13.5% Vol.
Organoleptic characteristics: garnet red colour with violet flashes, heady fragrance with hints of plum and cherry.
The flavour is soft with notes of cooked fruit, nicely tannic, with broad aftertaste.
Serve at: 18-20 C°.