Claudio Pozzi, born in Torrevecchia Pia (where he still keeps a wine cellar), brings love and passion to the San Colombano Hills, where he has established his wine company.
The company brand is named after La Valbissera (in ancient times Valle delle Bisce mean snake valley) set in the centre of the southern slopes of the Hills.
Here the company’s first vineyards can be found, dominating the villages of Miradolo and Camporinaldo, growing out of sandy silt soil and in a favourable position exposed to the sun. Subsequently the addition of vineyards in the La Merla area resulted in the present position whereby the company belongs to the Banino district with its excellent morphological characteristics as regards vines.
The growing-harvesting-winemaking process, albeit assisted by modern technology, is conducted with respect for tradition and the environment.
Devotion to the commandment to do one’s best produces the excellent results obtained, but the principal element is the passion which transforms into noble pride the product of the skill of first the wine-grower and then the winemaker.
Vineyard area
Location of vineyards

Vineyard stock
Technical manager
Oenological consultant
2.4 hectares
Banini Hills (MI–LO–PV province)
sandy silt
100 m above sea level
Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara
Merlot, Malvasia
guyot, doppia pergola
Pozzi Claudio
Manara Fausto
Tonni Marco
Portinari Vittorio