Still red wine

This is a really special wine which we are very proud of. Both this Reserve and the Torrevecchia are made with specially selected grapes, and the oak aging requires particular care and expertise.
The oak casks (barriques), more traditionally used by French wine producers, can vary considerably in their effects.
Some, for example, have a dominant vanilla fragrance, others more spicy.
The barriques are 'toasted', a process which also varies (low, medium, high), which determines how much wood flavour is imparted to the wine. Obviously, the time spent in the cask also affects the final result.
All of these factors are taken into consideration by the producer to achieve the desired effect.
Just as a cook starts with the choice of raw materials (meat, spices, etc.), but then uses his skill to produce an extraordinary dish.
Excessive use of wood can make all wines taste the same, suffocated and smothered by an overwhelming woody vanilla flavour or spiciness. The wine to be aged must have the necessary colour, body, alcohol content, tannins, acidity so that its character and strength combine with the wood to produce a rich tone with infinite overtones.