Still red wine

This wine is dedicated to my fellow citizens of Torrevecchia Pia. It goes without saying that a gesture of the kind must be based on a product worth dedicating and this wine is. Quality begins with the grapes varieties, which are the best types, as for the Reserve, although this wine uses more merlot. In fact the small differences in grape mix coupled with different techniques in wood aging differentiate this wine from its sibling Reserve.
The variables associated with the wood - first, second, or third generation casks, strength of toasting and, of course, time in the cask, are amalgamated in a different way by blending. For example, in addition to the higher percentage of merlot, there is also more croatina, which is aged in second generation casks for less time. Given these different percentages, it follows that the mix of the remaining grape varieties also changes. There is no Uva rara, for example. This wine is the fruit of much experimentation to establish its unique identity and only tasting of this and the Reserve can fully reveal the differences.
As well as accompanying the dishes indicated on the bottleneck card (strong red meats, salamis and mature cheeses), this wine can also be drunk between meals, just for the sheer pleasure of the taste (like a good chocolate, not necessary… but nice).